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We are your 'Numbers People!™'

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Let us take care of the business basics, so you can concentrate on the core competencies that drive your business revenues and profits. 

Winning Performance offers you services including:

    1. Billing and collections
    2. Payables and timely processing of payments
    3. Weekly reconciliation of all cash and credit card accounts
    4. Weekly cash forecasts for your business

New Business Set Up

We will set up your chart of accounts and management reports.

As important, we'll train you and your staff to understand the utility and value of the chart of accounts.

We'll also show you how to read and understand key management reports and the business metrics that drive the success of your business. Consider this the 'scorecard' you use to know all of the players and their stats, all at a glance!


Your first step is to call us at Winning Performance, Inc. right now.

You are the principal of your business. When you call, you'll be connected to Karen Rosolowski, the principal of Winning Performance, Inc.

(310) 370-8363

Our Staff...Your Staff!

Our winning professionals.

They are your virtual staff and allied business partners.

We'll Show You For Free...

Business Start-up Consultation

You want to start your our business, and know you need an accounting system, but do not know where to begin. We will meet with you and discuss the nature and operation of your business. Based on that discussion, we will recommend a basic structure that you can use to set-up your business on QuickBooks.

Financial Tune-up

Would you like to have a experienced professional give you a free review of your financial reports, and make recommendations about how you can improve your profitability. We will meet with you to understand the nature and operations of your business. We will meet with your accounting personnel, and review your existing financial reports to gain additional insights into your business, and then we will make recommendations on:

  • Ways to streamline your processes and improve efficiency
  • Additional reporting that is available to help you manage your business
  • Ways to improve your profitability



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